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Punta Cana is a excellent spot to learn Scuba Diving in a very safe and easy way

Punta Cana is a excellent spot for safe and easy scuba diving


offers scuba diving in puntacana all year round.

Diving in the Dominican Republic is easy and trouble free. Underwater environments include mangrove forests, deep wrecks and a vast reef structure featuring cavernous swim-throughs and extensive coral formations. Many of the dive sites are suitable to beginners and they will feel most comfortable. Advanced divers can explore both coasts as well as the deep wrecks and walls.


There is a variety of 24 scuba dive sites to pick from our dive map. You do not need to dive deep as the interesting flora and fauna is found between 8 to 20 meters. Coral Garden, Astron Wreck, Rondana, Cavernas, Park Reef, El Ninjo just to name a view.

With our MARIANA Caribbean SPORT scuba-diving center, you will find various type of coral, tube sponge, gorgonia, sea star, green sea turtle, stingray, squirrel fish, porkupine fish, barracuda, parrot fish, butterfly fish, grouper, eagle rays, nurse shark and if you are very lucky manatees at the outer reef. And after the dive you may see Humpback Whales migration on the way north to Samana.

ASTRON shipwreck

ASTRON ship wreck diving


The Astron (previously named Esmeralda ) is a shipwreck located right in front of Majestic Resorts. She was a Russian owned freighter built in 1957. She was 127 metres (139 yards) long, weighed 27,990 tons, and was powered by motor. She was delivering 60 tons of corn to Cuba in 1978, when she ran aground in Punta Cana during a storm. The ship in water is 16 meters and the huge propeller is at 24 meters. You can do excellent dives around the wreck and our dive staff will be happy to show you the best places of the Astron. It is with in sight from the MAJESTIC RESORTS.. By boat we will reach Astron within 10 minutes.


Because June to November is considered the rainy season, this is also the low season in the Dominican Republic. If you choose to dive in these months, you’re sure to get a great deal on flights and accommodation. This is the best time do dive at the east coast as the seas are calmest during the summer months while diving at the south coast is a littler rougher. Temperature range from 77-85°F (25-30°C) while water temperatures are 79-83°F (26-28°C).

December to May is the dry season in the Dominican Republic. During these summer months, you can expect sunny, hot and mildly humid conditions. This is also a good time of year to dive on the east and south coast as the seas are calmest there during the winter months. Air temperatures during the winter months range from 70-80°F (21-26°C) while water temperatures are 75-79°F (24-26°C).

Keep in mind that insurance is mandatory for anyone who wants to dive in this country.

MARIANA Caribbean SPORT is approved as a Padi 5 Star Scuba Dive and Training Center, and we are here to offer our services to you. If you wish to improve your skills we are here to provide our services for you to become a more advanced diver. We teach all classes, starting from the real beginner up to Dive Master level.


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