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Bayahibe, a small fishing village located on the south coast of the Dominican Republic, is showing off its Caribbean paradise with plenty of diverse dive sites, like El Peñon, St. George, Atlantic Princess as well as many others.

We go there to dive at two excellent shipwreck dive sites, the Atlantic Princess Wreck and the St. George Wreck. St. George is ideal for advanced divers. Incredible wreck dives with swim-throughs, and an abundance of sea-life. The depth of the St. George dive is from 60 feet to 130 feet as the Atlantic Princess is only from 10 to 40 feet deep.

The Bayahibe excursion is a half day dive trip. We leave from the hotel at 07.45 a.m. by aircon bus to Bayahibe and will make two dives. We return to the hotel by arount 12.30 so that you will have your lunch at the hotel.

Recommendation: DEEP DIVES are only for ADVANCED divers


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